52 weeks later Rebooted

Hello again, "I go by the name Dee Brave and this is 52 Weeks Later .." that was the intro to my youtube videos many moons ago. I will drop create some more videos in the future but at the moment i'm concentrating on writing.. including blogging.

So the book, my work in progress, where is it now?? I decided to to start right at the beginning and reboot the process with planning. I did have a plan last time but this time i thought iwould take a different more through approach.

I started off researching brainstorming techniques, what would would be best for my story, about how i traveled Japan for a year. One of the items i downloaded was a non -fiction mind map from selfpublishingschool.com. Printing out the mind map sheet and filling it in with pencil #'oldschool helped me visually put down the ideas and basis of my story.

I also started researching wordprocessors especially for writers. Scrivener came up in a lot of searches and seems to be regarded quite high but it costs £43 for a windows licence, £47 for a Mac licence. With the impending financial uncertainty predicted with Brexit I felt it would better for my wallet to try a couple of free word processors before I went for top of the pops Scrivener. So I downloaded ywriter, iawriter, Manuskript and oStorybookG. All had strengths and different features ut none had the same as my old wordprocessor Bibisco. I thought let me revisit Bibisco just to reread the old manuscript and discovered so many features I had missed.

I had been using Bibisco just for writing and word count nothing else. But going back to it i realised that Bibisco had functionality to help you plan and outline the story, Characters, locations, themes .. so much stuff i had overlooked first time round.

So now over a month in to the reboot I am still in the planning stage but this time I feel I am taking a more methodical approach and utilising more of the features and functions in Bibisco. Now let me get back to my story and thank you for reading blog entry 1

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