Who I Am?

I go by the name of Only Dee Brave. One of three siblings, father of two offspring and husband to one wife.  I'm a Ghanaian Brit who resides in London town, England.


In no particular order, I have love of football, dancing, travelling, words, reading and all things witty.  High brow wit to its lowest form - I do not discriminate.


I'm currently working in the IT Industry. I have no formal book writing background. The last time I attempted storytelling  was in English class at secondary school, so this is  a brand new experience for me


If I was only allowed to have one quotable attributed to my name it would be: "Make throwback moments today." In other words, do the things now that will have you in the future fondly remembering the past.



Let me leave you with the mantra of the 52 Weeks Later challenge. "Everybody has a story to share, I'm sharing mine with you."



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