52 Weeks Later

What is it?

52 Weeks Later is a personal challenge that originated in the summer of 2017. Initially the mission that I chose to accept was to write, edit and publish a book from scratch in a year. It will now be taking more than a year to write but it will be completed!! The book will be an autobiographical tale about my travels around Japan which was for 52 Weeks. As well as creating a book, I decided to document the process via the medium of weekly Youtube videos as a visual diary of the entire book writing journey; capturing the highs and the lows,  the milestones achieved, the hurdles faced, and how they were overcome.  Something that may help other newbie writers with their own projects and also something I could look back on and reminisce about the time I wrote a book.


The aim of this website is to provide content around the 52 Weeks Later challenge. You can access the weekly Youtube updates, pictures taken during my 52 weeks in Japan, a little bio on yours truly and much more.   Thank you for stopping by and check out the rest of the website.



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